Can South Sudanese respect the personality of Festus Mogea

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Can South Sudanese respect the personality of Festus Mogea

By Atem John

H.E Festus Mogae is a chairperson of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), a body formed to monitor the implementation of the 2015 peace accord signed by the Countries waring faction of the Sudan People Liberation Movement(SPLM) and Sudan People Liberation Movement in opposition (SPLM-IO) including the Former Detainees and other national stakeholders to end the war that broke out in December 2013.
The accord was negotiated in Ethiopia with the help of international Community to contain violence conflict that unleash mass suffering in the Country and spawned the lagest refugees crisis in region.
The accord was brokered by the Regional body IGAD with support from other regional and International actors, including the Africa Union, IGAD, TRIOKA Countries, UN, China, among others. This groups are dubed as co guarantors of the 2015 peace and in other words are the Members of JMEC.

His past achievements qualified him for the position he is holding today.
While at the helm of JMEC, he is encountering fierce criticism from South Sudanese of being based and not living to the spirit of the peace Agreement. This could be mastermind by political motives.
One of the Criticism i encountered was yesterday by James Ladu Modi-a columist with Juba Monitor.
In an article titled ” Mogae should exert more efforts or resign” Ladu said when Mogae was still the president of Botswana, many African respected him.
I am sure, up to now Mister Ladu, i strongly believe Mogae still has respect of the Africans, i think it is only in South Sudan where we can claim that this Africa nationalist is not duely respected.And mind you there is growing tendency among many in our Country where leaders are not respected. I think you and me should help fight this vice.
Its true that the implementation of the peace has encountered enormous challenges in our watch, this includes the July 2016 resurgence of violence in Juba that forced Dr. Riek-a principal signatory to the Agreement out of Juba that dealt a major blow to the peace accord. It’s not Festus Mogea who caused the departure of DR. Machar or other residents groups from Juba.
There is also a funding gape toward the implementation of the peace.The pledges that were made by the International community were not met, couple with the lack of political will from our political leaders from all political spectrum. I also think its his fault.
The 2013 war in the first place was caused by South Sudanese, So we are the problem to our  selves not others in the person of Mogae who are trying to help us.
When we talk about the failures of JMEC it does not neccessary mean the failure of its leader
I will refer every one concern to research on the composition of JMEC before puting blames on one innocent person, so claiming that he has dashed the hope for peace by South Sudanese, by failing to pressure the warring parties to stop fighting is untrue. Him alone, as long as the World remain divided on South Sudan issue cannot solve anything. look how the security council is divided when it comes to our problem, for instance China, Russia and the US among others yet they are members of JMEC. So your assertion that “Mogae has failed honestly and humbly in driving a wheel-borrow”is not justified.
” He has become unfaithful and not honest in reporting to IGAD, AU, UN and other international Community” even this organization you are talking about are represented in JMEC.
Lets respect him, What do you think Mogae want in South Sudan? He has been a president of his Country, he has earn respect of Africa people,  He has money but the fact that he is here with us in South Sudan at this difficult times should send a signal that he has a heart for us and Africa.
Profile of Festus Mogea
Festus Mogae was appointed by the region to lead the implementation process of this peace.
Before this task, he was the president of Botswana who lead his Country for decades till 2008, Nine years ago Festus Mogae, became the second African head of state to win the Mo Ibrahim award for African leadership. The accolade, which supports “great” African leaders who have voluntarily left office,
It was the world’s single largest annual award, worth a hefty $5m over 10 years.
Mr Mogae was the next to Joaquim Chissano, the ex-president of Mozambique, who was awarded the inaugural Mo Ibrahim prize in 2007 for ending a devastating 16 years of post-independence civil war; and Pedro Pires, the former leader of Cape Verde, which is still the only African country to be awarded the top rating by US-based Freedom House for political freedom and democracy. Nelson Mandela was also made an honorary laureate in 2007.
Having vowed to fight poverty and unemployment in diamond-rich Botswana, Mr Mogae’s decade in power was characterised by programmes in which he had developed the education and health sectors. He also then privatise chunks of the economy, notably the airlines and telecoms industry.He voluntarily stepped down in line with constitutional requirements, handing over leadership in 2008 after two terms.

Atem John is a Journalist and can be reached at