Understanding the Life of Street Children in Juba City

Wantok Bak, one of the research team members. (File Photo)

[wpfilebase tag=file id=1 /] In recent years Juba has experienced a rise in the number of street children, a problem attributed to trauma of the past protracted civil war in the Sudan, in addition to economic hardships following Goal: South Sudan free from street children. General objective: This research seeks to compile and consolidate information about street children in order to to enable policy makers and well-wishers set a strategy aimed at promoting and protecting their rights. Specific objectives To assess the distribution pattern of street children by age and gender. To identify the risk factors for children being on the street. To find out the impact of street children to the community. To evaluate parental support for street children. To assess the attendance of school and other institutions by street children. To identify the problems faced by street children. To assess the day to day living conditions of street children. To […]

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