Effects of Women’s Communication through Songs on Communities: A Case for Jonglei State

University of Juba students during a graduation ceremony.

African is an important focus for scholars because of its diverse cultures. The distinction between men and women, as far as their role was concerned, was clear, and yet any conflicts that arose were well managed within the African framework. But with the advent of westernization which has become synonymous with civilization, there is unease in trying to accommodate the inconveniences of hybrid cultures. Among some societies in South Sudan, take the case of Acholi, for instance, a garden cultivated by thirty to forty young men through African communal cultivation is later left to a single woman to weed until harvest time. For the Murle of Jonglei State and Toposa of Eastern Equatoria (present-day Lomurnyang State), construction of grass-thatched houses is solely left to women, while men busy themselves defending the community and engaging other communities. Among the Dinka (Jieng) people, women are placed under the shadow of influence and […]

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