About Us

The Scholar Forum seeks to provide learning resources for students, activists and academics on a variety of issues on South Sudan. In summary, the objectives of the website are to publish researches of individual students, academics or institutions, create a platform for sharing of ideas, present debates and explorative discussions on variety of debatable issues, and to promote peace, education, career guidance and mentoring.

The primary objective of The Scholar Forum is to enhance learning through sharing of academic resources among scholars. Anyone can submit their dissertation (submitted at completion of your undergraduate/postgraduate studies) if they wish to share it with other learners.

In addition, submissions are not limited to researches; news, comments, editorials, book reviews and other literary works will also be published in addition to traditional publishing of researches.

More so, the website will give contributors the chance to present their researches to an international audience, helping young professionals from within South Sudan contribute to global literature on a variety of issues. Undergraduate university students (still on campus) are provided with online resources for download that could be useful when doing literature review.

The works published are the sole properties of their authors and reference will be made to them wherever and whenever citations are made. It is mandatory for correct reference to be made whenever a published material is used.

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